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Author / Illustrator Profile
Caroline Binch

Caroline lived in Old Trafford, Manchester, where she attended a four year Art and Design course at Salford technical College. Then she moved to Cornwall, taking her dog, and the horse she had secretly bought as a student. She survived by taking all sorts of jobs while she built up the portfolio, which enabled her to get work as an illustrator. She now lives in Cornwall again with her tall, dark and handsome son, Joseph, who was the model for her book “Billy the Great”. Her technique is to photograph real people and then paint them. Amy, the model for “Silver Shoes” tottered into Caroline’s house in a pair of high heels she had just bought from a charity shop. Another story had begun!

Other books by Caroline Binch

Amazing Grace

Christy’s Dream

Gregory Cool

Since Dad Left

Shortlisted Title

2002 Silver Shoes





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