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Author / Illustrator Profile
Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson was born in Winchester, and tried several jobs after doing an English degree at Birmingham University. He was teaching English and Drama at a school in Buckinghamshire when he wrote his first book for teenagers, “Secrets from the School Underground”; which became an immediate hit.

Now a full time writer, Pete prefers to write in the morning. He does extensive research for his books, involving on one occasion going on a ghost hunt, and on another persuading his sister to be a contestant on “Blind Date”, which she won. He carries a little blue notebook around everywhere in case he has a brilliant idea, or hears something he wants to write down

Pete’s many books include:

Ghost Dog

The Phantom Thief

Rescuing Dad

How to Train Your Parents

The Frighteners

Shortlisted Title

1999 - Secret Friend

2003 - Traitor





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