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Author / Illustrator Profile
Theresa Tomlinson

Theresa Tomlinson was educated in Whitby and Hull where she attended Art School.

When she was young she wanted to be a ballerina and it wasn’t until she was a thirty one year old mother of two , that she began to write down stories she had made up to entertain her children.

Theresa is now a full time writer and lives in Sheffield with her husband, children and cat. Most of her stories are based around the Sheffield area, as is Meet me by the Steelmen.

Books include The Flither Pickers, Riding the waves, The Rope Carrier, The Cellar Lad, The Herring Girls, The Forest Wife, Haunted House Blues, Little Stowaway. Her latest title is Child Of The May.

Two of Theresa’s books appear on the Shortlist in 1998

Shortlisted Titles

1998    Meet me by the Steelmen

            Dancing through The Shadows

2001    Night of the Red Devil





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